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Well, might as well write a blog post to take away my concentration from the annoying banter of whiny “I live like I have a highly disposable income but in reality I’m broke and live off my credit card parents” filling the audience of this random event I’m at. Their kids are so bratty man I swear. A little kid is practically breathing on me as I type this post! Is that a fart I hear? GROSS! It’s time for me to leave, but I can’t. I feel so alone hahahaha. To be honest, my mood lately hasn’t been the best of the best either. People have overall been absolute jerks to me for no reason when I ask them a simple question or even if I’m giving them advice. I don’t know why! Like I practically got cussed out at work the other day by a customer who was being all yelly and mean to her kids! She said I was being “too slow” which clearly wasn’t true cuz the next lady who came up to me told me I was extremely fast on register. And when she was being mean to me everyone was staring at her like “bruh chill.” I don’t know man. Then the other day some other dude was gettin mad at me for only based gxd knows what reason! 

Also, too my schoolwork is being piled on me at the last minute. And it’s not because of me procrastinating. I guess d headmasters feel like es time “let’s give deese chillern as much hw as possible lel” (I don’t know y I said headmasters hahahaha). Instead of spacing out all the hw/projects throughout the semester I guess they thought it’d be a swell idea to pile it all on us at the last minute! I’m sure we’ll all do GREAT! Anyway to conclude my post, watch this GREAT CINEMATIC I MADE ON VINE watch I’ll hit 10k views on my channel. (By the time you read this it’ll probably be over 50k, 100k..who knows) ;D *winky face*

College, Hardwork, Positive Vibes


Life is moving in a positive direction for me! Still doing random videos and I recently if I haven’t mentioned before, I changed my major back television production. Not that I lost interest in culinary arts because I still LOVE FOOD but after I got a tour of how the culinary classes function the guy basically said in the end of the day it doesn’t guarantee a job. The whole purpose of college is to get a job! And I know one of my strong points is making videos and directing. Kind of weird but I feel like the song title Find your wings by Tyler The creator really defines myself at the moment. I finally found what I want to do with my life, which is to continue my original plan of becoming a film director! On a slightly related note, I do vine videos as well (this video almost reaching 1k in less than 24 hrs of me posting). Don’t worry, for those of you who’ve been craving for a new Erbinskaterz hit expect a few new videos soon! I’m about halfway through of making the sequel to this smash hit but when I have A’s to maintain in my classes plus balancing out work and life in general it takes awhile to release new content. 

Thanks for reading,

Que$o G. 

No me gusta


It’s been ages since I posted, so let me make this interesting…

So I’m at work this girl asked for a ride home like she did earlier this week I was cool with cuz she paid me for the gas money. “So I’m like okay I got you” this time. As we were walking out the building, I noticed it was her family member who also works there was walking alongside with us. “So you’re riding with us?” I questioned. She like had some sort of authority for me to drive her home as well snarled at me a “yes.” I didnt really know her before to be honest but after my short encounter with this person I prefer not to be aquatinted anymore.

She was chomping down on a heavy bag of chips which I nicely told her it’s not my car and nobody’s allowed to eat in there so she consented. As were in the car, the car who rode with me the last time sat in the front with her seatbelt fastened but the family member to the back sat there with a prude expression, arms crossed and no seatbelt on. “Excuse me,” I say calmly, “but I can’t drive off until you put on your seatbelt”  Her face is in actual shock, “why should I? I’m older than 18. If you younger than 18 put on your seatbelt, but I’m older and I’m sitting in the back,” her logic explained. “Then why does she have her seat belt on?” I say pointing to her family member sitting next to me. “Well she in the front.” “Okay the whole point of a seatbelt in the back is for you not to go flying thru the window in case of an accident. So I kindly ask you put it on.” “No,” sheer defiance, if she’s like this all the time then I question what she’s like throughout the rest of the day. “Okay, if you want to be like that either you get out this car and I leave you in this parking lot or you pay the ticket if you get caught.” They both chuckled. I honestly found no humour in this because they obviously didn’t value I was going out of my way to give THEM. a ride which I KNOW they usually have. And if they’re so grown why don’t they have their own car? Get outta here.

You know what really drew the line for me was the last thing they did. Okay, so you know when you stop the car, put it in park then open the door with the unlock switch? These people pulled up the lock (which clearly damages them) then practically leaped out of the car before I even fully put it in park. Almost barely getting a “thank you” from the wonderful woman in the back. At least the original one paid me again. 

See, this is a great example of how I’m a nice, calm, caring, courteous person. But after the way I was treated, I honestly I have no desire to be driving people around anytime soon. And actually, it isn’t the first time some one has tried to step to me cuz they’re in MY CAR with NO SEATBELT ON! DO YOU EVEN VALUE YOUR OWN LIFE? YOU ARE SO STUPID AND WHOM EVER THIS APPLIES TO I HOPE YOU READ THIS AND GET OFFENDED BECAUSE I MEANT THIS PERSONALLY!!! 😀 

Have a great day readers,

Que$o G.

¡Me gusta!


So yeah, pretty interesting weekend and just usual half work/half school Monday.

The highlight of my weekend though was when I helped someone film video for YouTube that I’ll upload to erbinskaterz and their channel as well. I did all the camera magic and directing and I’ll edit on something. (Very vague I know. Get used to me surprising you if you haven’t already hahahaha). The final product shall turn out fantastic! & when it’s up I’ll post the link on here like I usually do. Here’s the latest installment of the Erbinskaterz series I spent a lot of time making this, you have no idea.

And to fund these wonderful ideas, all donations are HIGHLY APPRECIATED and to be sent to here.

I already have a contributor to this project, you can help too!

*Read with British accent* Anywho, (eww I never say that word hahaha) off -I-go!


*you should recongise these shoes from something* ;D *wink wink*

Brighter Note

Almost there..!

Just a few snippets away from finishing editing for my new video. It’s going to be pretty cool if I do say so my self (and I do say so my self!) Kind of a sequel to my how to ollie video I put up awhile back on YouTube, ‘cept it’s a different trick of course.

I’d say by tomorrow I should have the new video up but in the meanwhile continue to watch this and subscribe to my YouTube channel, THIS BLOG, & like, share & COMMENT on all content by me!

So yes, that was an invitation for you to comment below.


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Positive Vibes

Greatness is on its way!

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