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No car, in state where literally everything is spread out in a very cosmopolitan city and public transportation is sparsely located and in a sense seems to be slowly diminishing because of the close-minded people that want it shut down completely (but truthfully, I don’t think it’ll happen) walking is now my default plan b for things. Originally, I intended to ride the bus but unfortunately, I was heavily engrossed in a book to the point I Almost lost consciousness of my reality and that I was on a tight schedule to get to my soccer class 3 miles away. I ran up to the bus stop only to find out I missed it by a couple of minutes. At first I started to freak out in my head, but then I realized I’ll just power walk for the next three miles risking my life going through side streets in sketchy neighbourhoods.

I eventually reached my destination with 5 minutes to spare before the game started and hopped right in the gameplay. I was bit rusty because I ran out of breath easily but surprisingly for someone who hasn’t played soccer in a couple of years, I was actually trippin people up with crossovers and scoring goals. It almost seemed like my 3 year hiatus has somehow mentally and physically fine tuned me into a better player even though I haven’t played an actual game in a minute.

After I’m committed for about 45 minutes, I was randomly asked to be goalie. I reluctantly said yes (because I had a feeling something was going to happen) and next thing you know I’m running after the ball after it goes out of bounds. My left leg muscles tense up and I slide to the ground landing on my back. One of my teammates assisted me to the sidelines where I somehow twisted my other leg trying to sit down hahahaha. I wasn’t laughing at the moment though, in fact, as I type this, I still feel mild soreness in both my calves. See, this is all strange to me because when I used to play intense games of soccer, I’d never cramp up! (Or at least this bad to the point I’m feeling the “aftershock” of it like an earthquake in my legs).

It’s all good though. The pains shall soon dissipate and the balance of my life shall soon be restored.

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