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Friday- Originally I posted this on IG but let me just paste it here:

Okay so I’m on the bus right? And I’m standing in the front and the bus driver who looks around 35-ish waves for me to come closer like a minute before I got off the bus. I lean in closer thinking it was something urgent because his facial expression clearly depicted that, next thing you know he asks how old I am. So I look him with an expression of utter confusion. (Just like my face that I have in this selfie because my face has been literally been stuck in this position for like 15 minutes). I eventually told him age still in slight scepticism and immediately he breaks into a familiar quote, “deeze deeze be acting up.” At first I couldn’t figure out a word he was saying because he spoke with such a muffled voice. Then repeated the same phrase to me slightly louder. “What does that mean?” I question thinking it was something philosophical and shall enlighten me into another dimension. “It’s French Montana Bruh,” he said. My facial expression became even more puzzled. I couldn’t figure out why anyone above the age of 25 could be quoting French Montana to help me out in life. “You see all these dudes out here,” he said as he pointed to the mass of people standing around at the bus transfer center, “deeze-deeze be actin up!” “Okay,” I laughed. “Is this supposed to be some sort of advice?” I questioned. “Yeah,” he confirmed and held his fist out for us to fist bump. So I fist bumped him back. He smiled and I walked off the bus just trying to analyize what just happened. K thanks for reading. What do you think the moral of this story is…..???

Saturday: My music teacher and I played a wonderful round of a game we call “Music Cards.” Basically it’s a card game that teaches you music theory and I think it’s brilliant because my music teacher actually invented the game himself! Here’s a video of the orginal concept it’s improved tremendously since then!

Sunday- you already know the deal. One weird thing to me though is that the temperature has not risen above 50 degrees in like 5 days but yet I heard thunder outside. Thunder last time I check, usually occurs when there’s a change from hot to cold or vice versa. But I don’t know, this place is not your ordinary weather region.

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¡Me gusta!, Brighter Note, Positive Vibes, SUPER FUN


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In recent news here’s a “old-new” video I uploaded on Saturday. I made it back in 2012.

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Honestly, I consider my self as a respectable, intellectual human being but at times I feel as if I am treated like like a dimly lit light bulb just waiting to be thrown away by the questionable society we live in. This lady I swear calls me out every chance she gets and it has been going on frequently for the past few weeks and it is not even necessary because I actually have a high grade and I do all my work in the class. But out of the masses of people sitting at their desks, she seems to literally pluck me out of the bunch and makes an example of me in front of everybody! Even if it is something I have NO control of!

It all started one day when I’m doing my work and I was getting all the answers right on this computer assignment (which she can clearly see by the bright green box that lights up around my answer each time I got it right) as I was doing my work I just so happened to have scratch paper from math class with a few numbers and drawings of skateboards scribbled on it laying in front of me. I felt her staring into my soul for about 5 minutes and with in that time frame, I was still adding the finishing touches to my sketch but then went back to doing my work. Even though I saw her from the corner of my eye I just pretended like I was surprised to know she was looking at me. She then began to question what I was doing. So I said, “I’m doing work and this is art.” “No,” she criticised, “this is not art at all, it looks like trash.” WAT?! How dare you accuse me of not being an artist? An artist’s ability should not be limited to how realistic they can draw or sculpt something, but how original/stylistic their interpretation may be! (No I didn’t quote that I made that my self)

So then she goes off on how on I shouldn’t be in college and I should’ve dropped and got a G.E.D. instead because of my work ethic…
BRUH. I cannot even explain her ignorance….if I’m already in college then why would I….nevermind.

OH, and another thing she did was and actually the FIRST, FIRST was while I was doing work she stopped me just to critisize my hair. “You need to cut your hair wild man” she jeered. Like really. I’m in college and you really commenting on MY HAIR texture when literally EVERYOTHER GUY has this style


Oh but nobody will ever say anything about them. *shakin my head* To be honest, my hair could not look like that texture even if I tried to make it that woolly it just will not! I can’t even explain my texture, but I actually like it. (I’d show you guys a picture but that would be sus)

Back to school, anyways ’tis the season to be registering for classes so contributing to continue my education would be highly appreciated and you in return will be blessed graciously.

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Just as I predicted, it was not as halloweeny as the previous years at all. 1. Nobody was dressed up. 2. I got no candy. 3. It was raining, and I was with like 40 other crazy kids I didn’t know walking around some rich snobby neighbourhood. I went my friend’s and his brother and their friends of friends of friends x 10. I didn’t really recongise anybody and the people I did I definitely didn’t like them at all. People I swear we’re doing the most Sus stuff and I only tagged along because I know the only way back to my house was to stay with my friends who were with them.

See, the reason why I’m disappointed that my trick or treating was a flop (well basically you can say I got the trick part) because honestly I was not expecting to be with 40 other kids aimlessly walking around, screaming, and acting crazy. It’d probably would’ve been fun if I knew them (or liked them).

It’s too much to type, I just felt like ranting. I’m going to upload my old 2007 video to YouTube now.

-Que$o G.

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Off Kilter..


Kids would dress up and go trick or treating days before the eve of hallows and their parents would decorate their houses with so much halloweeny festivity, but now it seems as if you barely see a jack o latern in front of somebody’s house.

IMG_6542.PNG (how all the house’s decorations look this year)

I don’t know if it’s just me that’s noticing this trend but, HAVE YOU NOTICED NOBODY (COMMERCIALS AND SOCIAL MEDIA INCLUDED) IS NOT TALKING ABOUT IT AT ALL THIS YEAR? And it’s really NOT because I grew up either, because when I was younger kids that were my age now we’re usually the main ones knockin on everybody’s door. Now, overhearing the conversations of little kids I haven’t heard a single one of them yet talk about getting costumes, candy or any of the Halloween specials that come on TV. Infact, I HAVENT SEEN ANY SPECIALS ON THE TV GUIDE THIS YEAR, WHAT IS HAPPENING? ARE WE LOOSING HYPE FOR LIFE BECAUSE WERE SO CAUGHT UP WITH OUR PHONES??? Like every year, I’ve noticed since like 2007 people have become less and less hyped but this year specifically has been the worst. I mean foreal, I remember when people for the whole week would come up to my house asking for candy but now nobody’s even really outside either!!! Go outside!!! Get exercise!!!

By the way, if you’re wondering if I go with my own advice, I do. See, this is me skateboarding OUTSIDE enjoying the weather!

Well, I’ll going trick or treating but I don’t know if I’ll dress up this year. (Or really if anyone will) but whatever, I’m tired of typing …

be safe, stay swagged…

-Que$o G.

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24 Hours Of FUN

I must be one of those few people at my school that goes to school even when I don’t have classes to do work to get ahead. It’s all good though, because after my full day at school and being at my job for a few hours on Thursday, mi amigos came n scooped me up from work and then we cruised down the road blastin the hippest music we can hop to. (See what I did there?)

We went to the movies on the other side of town to see a “scary” movie called Ouija board. Personally, I thought the movie should fall under the category of comedy! Movies these days I swear arent even startling enough to make me flinch an inch. Sure special effects are nice, but it’s getting to the point where everything is getting so advanced that everything is sorta predictable these days. (If that makes any sense)

Rather than me typing an unnecessarily long review on the movie you can just read what other people wrote instead Regardless of what the reviews say, I still think the movie was hilarious! For some reason now it kinda inspires me to make my own goofy horror film. I mean, I have a camera, I can act, direct and write a storyboard for it! I’ll get some of my friends to act in it as well. See, one problem is, I need a GOOD editing software to follow my dreams and your help would be greatly appreciated! (:

In the meanwhile I shall upload an old “new cartoon” of mine to YouTube to show you how much I’ve progressed since 2007…

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Currently my life is pretty good. As of yesterday I decided to be more “active” on my instagram so follow ya boy on it for all the behind the scenes action. My goal is to get 1K followers and I’m pretty sure it’s a reasonable goal.

In other news, I’m excelling in school but you are MORE than welcome to help me with my homework (math specifically) by meeting up with me in person or by video calling me by Skype, Oovoo, or FaceTime.

Next summer I’m thinking about doing a summer course at another college out of state then possibly returning to my home school in the fall (like many kids at my school do) My only concern is the money to pay for the classes, and that’s where YOU can make a difference and benefit mankind!


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