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WOW my post never posted from Janurary 13, 2015. But whatever, I’m not even mad. Hahaha but yes, this year is off to a great start and my teachers impressed me with their intelligence and by that I mean is being able to pronounce my name without putting some Sus-twist to it (or really just completely messing it up like if you know my first name from YouTube then you know it’s really not that hard. I’d post my schedule to show you guys what classes I got but 1. I know you don’t really care 2. That’s undeniably sus 3. You truthfully don’t need to know because I don’t know you, and you don’t know me…..or at least not yet ;D

In other news, my friend who does Arabiansimba videos on his channel that amassed 21k views and 1.3k subscribers in 6months he deleted it! But he is just restablishing himself on YouTube just under a different name (due to some issues you might as well just ask him to ask explain to you) but he is quickly regaining his former glory on his new channel (and to be honest and even a more rapid pace). In fact, the first actual video challenge is actually me and him doing the pizza challenge! Spoiler alert: I most likely won’t be doing it again anytime soon haha. Good news is, people have contacted me on random social media apps and stuff and told me my reaction was hilarious in the video! Makes me feel good that people are intelligent enough to understand my humour.

Have a cute a day,

Que$o G.

P.S. I need money for books. Thanks. ;D

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Overall this year was cool, went by actually pretty slow to be honest which is fine with me because I actually think it’s better that way. Met a lot of cool random people, made a slew of new videos, my YouTube channel is now 5 years 23 days old, graduated high school, made it to college, bout to start my second semester, still have a job, people like me…I’m proud of my self! If you’ve been reading all my posts consistently, then CHEERS to you ;D (That is my signature face btw)

2015 as promised will be amazing any many opportunities will come to me. *Puts that positive thought out there*

Also, here, here, and here are new slew a videos by me! In addition to my CINNAMON CHALLENGE that I did with mis amigos ;D (It tastes WAAAYYY worse that I thought it would omg)

But anyway, as generic as I’m bout to sound: HAPPY NEW YEAR, STAY BASED, AND REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

-Que$o G.

P.S. I’m saluting in my header picture because I’m “saluting to the old year” so if you have ever have trivia question at school or on a game show about this blog post screenshot this answer to remember…quote me on this…

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Thanksgiving was chill. I was so slumpy from the turducken hahaha. Then Black Friday was the typical crazy shoppers roaming around the mall for bargains that sometimes barely vary from other bargains throughout the year. Saturday I barely remember. Sunday I worked and somebody told me She saw my Asian side in me out of all the things I’m mixed with at random. Then she also told me I had a baby face? She asked me if I get that a lot. I said no, usually people guess I’m older than my actual age. I’ve never heard anyone tell me I have a baby face until then. Kinda sus.

But anyways, NEW VIDEO old me…(2012 me to be exact)

Also, I got an 88 (Which is a B) on one of my exit exams Monday! I’m proud of myself! I’m actually surprised at how many people didn’t show up to take the test today though. I think this was the only day hahahaha whatever as long as I pass, that’s what counts! *insert 100 emoticon symbol here* I took another exit exam the other day but for some reason the computer didn’t tell me my grade. So I went up to my teacher Monday and I saw she was busy so I patiently waited for her to assist me. I stood staring at the ground for like 3 minutes until she said my name and I snapped back to reality. I told her what was wrong and unexpectedly she gives me such a snippy, response with such a stern voice, “I sent you an email and I explained everything there. And I can’t help you now because I have 3 other people to talk to.” “Okay thanks,” I said woefully. She thinks I’m an idiot sometimes I swear. Prior to that moment, I had already been checking my email inbox and junk mail to see if she ever replied to the one I sent her days ago concerning about my final exam grade. Maybe she did send it, and I just never received it. On the other hand, she could’ve mistakenly sent it to another student or sent me the wrong info or I don’t know…all I know she has done that in the past I could expand on that topic but since I have chill right now I’m a let it go hahaha.

COMPLETELY RANDOM, but lately I’ve been into cooking and here’s what I made:

That’s all I have to say for now, have a good day. Stay Based!

-Que$o G.



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Friday- Originally I posted this on IG but let me just paste it here:

Okay so I’m on the bus right? And I’m standing in the front and the bus driver who looks around 35-ish waves for me to come closer like a minute before I got off the bus. I lean in closer thinking it was something urgent because his facial expression clearly depicted that, next thing you know he asks how old I am. So I look him with an expression of utter confusion. (Just like my face that I have in this selfie because my face has been literally been stuck in this position for like 15 minutes). I eventually told him age still in slight scepticism and immediately he breaks into a familiar quote, “deeze deeze be acting up.” At first I couldn’t figure out a word he was saying because he spoke with such a muffled voice. Then repeated the same phrase to me slightly louder. “What does that mean?” I question thinking it was something philosophical and shall enlighten me into another dimension. “It’s French Montana Bruh,” he said. My facial expression became even more puzzled. I couldn’t figure out why anyone above the age of 25 could be quoting French Montana to help me out in life. “You see all these dudes out here,” he said as he pointed to the mass of people standing around at the bus transfer center, “deeze-deeze be actin up!” “Okay,” I laughed. “Is this supposed to be some sort of advice?” I questioned. “Yeah,” he confirmed and held his fist out for us to fist bump. So I fist bumped him back. He smiled and I walked off the bus just trying to analyize what just happened. K thanks for reading. What do you think the moral of this story is…..???

Saturday: My music teacher and I played a wonderful round of a game we call “Music Cards.” Basically it’s a card game that teaches you music theory and I think it’s brilliant because my music teacher actually invented the game himself! Here’s a video of the orginal concept it’s improved tremendously since then!

Sunday- you already know the deal. One weird thing to me though is that the temperature has not risen above 50 degrees in like 5 days but yet I heard thunder outside. Thunder last time I check, usually occurs when there’s a change from hot to cold or vice versa. But I don’t know, this place is not your ordinary weather region.

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Surprisingly, I’m getting substantial amount of views on my blog posts and I applaud you viewers that continuously read each post. Just invite more people to follow me on here, I assure they will find my stories highly entertaining!

In recent news here’s a “old-new” video I uploaded on Saturday. I made it back in 2012.

Also, it’s crazy how many followers I’ve amassed on Instagram in such a short amount of time! I’d tell you the number but it’s up to you to do a little bit of research and follow me on Instagram to find out and all the hidden gems embedded on my page of social networking! (My Instagram names is: xquesograndex.)

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24 Hours Of FUN

I must be one of those few people at my school that goes to school even when I don’t have classes to do work to get ahead. It’s all good though, because after my full day at school and being at my job for a few hours on Thursday, mi amigos came n scooped me up from work and then we cruised down the road blastin the hippest music we can hop to. (See what I did there?)

We went to the movies on the other side of town to see a “scary” movie called Ouija board. Personally, I thought the movie should fall under the category of comedy! Movies these days I swear arent even startling enough to make me flinch an inch. Sure special effects are nice, but it’s getting to the point where everything is getting so advanced that everything is sorta predictable these days. (If that makes any sense)

Rather than me typing an unnecessarily long review on the movie you can just read what other people wrote instead Regardless of what the reviews say, I still think the movie was hilarious! For some reason now it kinda inspires me to make my own goofy horror film. I mean, I have a camera, I can act, direct and write a storyboard for it! I’ll get some of my friends to act in it as well. See, one problem is, I need a GOOD editing software to follow my dreams and your help would be greatly appreciated! (:

In the meanwhile I shall upload an old “new cartoon” of mine to YouTube to show you how much I’ve progressed since 2007…

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No car, in state where literally everything is spread out in a very cosmopolitan city and public transportation is sparsely located and in a sense seems to be slowly diminishing because of the close-minded people that want it shut down completely (but truthfully, I don’t think it’ll happen) walking is now my default plan b for things. Originally, I intended to ride the bus but unfortunately, I was heavily engrossed in a book to the point I Almost lost consciousness of my reality and that I was on a tight schedule to get to my soccer class 3 miles away. I ran up to the bus stop only to find out I missed it by a couple of minutes. At first I started to freak out in my head, but then I realized I’ll just power walk for the next three miles risking my life going through side streets in sketchy neighbourhoods.

I eventually reached my destination with 5 minutes to spare before the game started and hopped right in the gameplay. I was bit rusty because I ran out of breath easily but surprisingly for someone who hasn’t played soccer in a couple of years, I was actually trippin people up with crossovers and scoring goals. It almost seemed like my 3 year hiatus has somehow mentally and physically fine tuned me into a better player even though I haven’t played an actual game in a minute.

After I’m committed for about 45 minutes, I was randomly asked to be goalie. I reluctantly said yes (because I had a feeling something was going to happen) and next thing you know I’m running after the ball after it goes out of bounds. My left leg muscles tense up and I slide to the ground landing on my back. One of my teammates assisted me to the sidelines where I somehow twisted my other leg trying to sit down hahahaha. I wasn’t laughing at the moment though, in fact, as I type this, I still feel mild soreness in both my calves. See, this is all strange to me because when I used to play intense games of soccer, I’d never cramp up! (Or at least this bad to the point I’m feeling the “aftershock” of it like an earthquake in my legs).

It’s all good though. The pains shall soon dissipate and the balance of my life shall soon be restored.

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