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WOW my post never posted from Janurary 13, 2015. But whatever, I’m not even mad. Hahaha but yes, this year is off to a great start and my teachers impressed me with their intelligence and by that I mean is being able to pronounce my name without putting some Sus-twist to it (or really just completely messing it up like if you know my first name from YouTube then you know it’s really not that hard. I’d post my schedule to show you guys what classes I got but 1. I know you don’t really care 2. That’s undeniably sus 3. You truthfully don’t need to know because I don’t know you, and you don’t know me…..or at least not yet ;D

In other news, my friend who does Arabiansimba videos on his channel that amassed 21k views and 1.3k subscribers in 6months he deleted it! But he is just restablishing himself on YouTube just under a different name (due to some issues you might as well just ask him to ask explain to you) but he is quickly regaining his former glory on his new channel (and to be honest and even a more rapid pace). In fact, the first actual video challenge is actually me and him doing the pizza challenge! Spoiler alert: I most likely won’t be doing it again anytime soon haha. Good news is, people have contacted me on random social media apps and stuff and told me my reaction was hilarious in the video! Makes me feel good that people are intelligent enough to understand my humour.

Have a cute a day,

Que$o G.

P.S. I need money for books. Thanks. ;D

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Lately I have been fatigue and slightly overwhelmed by my busy schedule. Working many days back to back is *gucci mane voice* “scressful.” Now that I’m older, there’s like no day I can just lay in my bed and chill. (Which surprisingly what I’m doing at the moment as I type up this post.) Ive worked soo many days this week because of the holiday season. Luckily, school finished last week and I got like A’s & B’s on my finals and I don’t start back for awhile. Meanwhile, all you grade schoolers have to deal with finals coming up hahahahaaha.

I mean overall life is pretty good and I’m still accepting goodies in any amount which will be highly appreciated.

Also, I uploaded a brand new video with mi amigos! The music selection is well fitting for the video if to be honest..

Uhh that’s it. Umm yea, swag.

Have a nice day,

-Que$o Grande

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Thanksgiving was chill. I was so slumpy from the turducken hahaha. Then Black Friday was the typical crazy shoppers roaming around the mall for bargains that sometimes barely vary from other bargains throughout the year. Saturday I barely remember. Sunday I worked and somebody told me She saw my Asian side in me out of all the things I’m mixed with at random. Then she also told me I had a baby face? She asked me if I get that a lot. I said no, usually people guess I’m older than my actual age. I’ve never heard anyone tell me I have a baby face until then. Kinda sus.

But anyways, NEW VIDEO old me…(2012 me to be exact)

Also, I got an 88 (Which is a B) on one of my exit exams Monday! I’m proud of myself! I’m actually surprised at how many people didn’t show up to take the test today though. I think this was the only day hahahaha whatever as long as I pass, that’s what counts! *insert 100 emoticon symbol here* I took another exit exam the other day but for some reason the computer didn’t tell me my grade. So I went up to my teacher Monday and I saw she was busy so I patiently waited for her to assist me. I stood staring at the ground for like 3 minutes until she said my name and I snapped back to reality. I told her what was wrong and unexpectedly she gives me such a snippy, response with such a stern voice, “I sent you an email and I explained everything there. And I can’t help you now because I have 3 other people to talk to.” “Okay thanks,” I said woefully. She thinks I’m an idiot sometimes I swear. Prior to that moment, I had already been checking my email inbox and junk mail to see if she ever replied to the one I sent her days ago concerning about my final exam grade. Maybe she did send it, and I just never received it. On the other hand, she could’ve mistakenly sent it to another student or sent me the wrong info or I don’t know…all I know she has done that in the past I could expand on that topic but since I have chill right now I’m a let it go hahaha.

COMPLETELY RANDOM, but lately I’ve been into cooking and here’s what I made:

That’s all I have to say for now, have a good day. Stay Based!

-Que$o G.



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Honestly, I consider my self as a respectable, intellectual human being but at times I feel as if I am treated like like a dimly lit light bulb just waiting to be thrown away by the questionable society we live in. This lady I swear calls me out every chance she gets and it has been going on frequently for the past few weeks and it is not even necessary because I actually have a high grade and I do all my work in the class. But out of the masses of people sitting at their desks, she seems to literally pluck me out of the bunch and makes an example of me in front of everybody! Even if it is something I have NO control of!

It all started one day when I’m doing my work and I was getting all the answers right on this computer assignment (which she can clearly see by the bright green box that lights up around my answer each time I got it right) as I was doing my work I just so happened to have scratch paper from math class with a few numbers and drawings of skateboards scribbled on it laying in front of me. I felt her staring into my soul for about 5 minutes and with in that time frame, I was still adding the finishing touches to my sketch but then went back to doing my work. Even though I saw her from the corner of my eye I just pretended like I was surprised to know she was looking at me. She then began to question what I was doing. So I said, “I’m doing work and this is art.” “No,” she criticised, “this is not art at all, it looks like trash.” WAT?! How dare you accuse me of not being an artist? An artist’s ability should not be limited to how realistic they can draw or sculpt something, but how original/stylistic their interpretation may be! (No I didn’t quote that I made that my self)

So then she goes off on how on I shouldn’t be in college and I should’ve dropped and got a G.E.D. instead because of my work ethic…
BRUH. I cannot even explain her ignorance….if I’m already in college then why would I….nevermind.

OH, and another thing she did was and actually the FIRST, FIRST was while I was doing work she stopped me just to critisize my hair. “You need to cut your hair wild man” she jeered. Like really. I’m in college and you really commenting on MY HAIR texture when literally EVERYOTHER GUY has this style


Oh but nobody will ever say anything about them. *shakin my head* To be honest, my hair could not look like that texture even if I tried to make it that woolly it just will not! I can’t even explain my texture, but I actually like it. (I’d show you guys a picture but that would be sus)

Back to school, anyways ’tis the season to be registering for classes so contributing to continue my education would be highly appreciated and you in return will be blessed graciously.

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Currently my life is pretty good. As of yesterday I decided to be more “active” on my instagram so follow ya boy on it for all the behind the scenes action. My goal is to get 1K followers and I’m pretty sure it’s a reasonable goal.

In other news, I’m excelling in school but you are MORE than welcome to help me with my homework (math specifically) by meeting up with me in person or by video calling me by Skype, Oovoo, or FaceTime.

Next summer I’m thinking about doing a summer course at another college out of state then possibly returning to my home school in the fall (like many kids at my school do) My only concern is the money to pay for the classes, and that’s where YOU can make a difference and benefit mankind!


As I always say, (& you can quote me on this when I’m famous and blogs start writing about me in the near future) LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE to this blog & YouTube Channel

Stay tuned for my next post!

Stay Positive,

Que$o G.


New Video



New Video

Get Ready..

I have decided to make a major decision in my life that ultimately determines the fate of the universe. Yesterday, I have embarked on quest for highly skilled professionals in my field. A task that requires intense concentration and that is quite rare to find others who match my caliber. For that being said, ’tis the reason why I am the anointed one to complete this mission………….

……that is… create a new SHORT FILM STARRING ME, AMERICA’S FAVORITE BOY! I’m not sure of the approximate release date, but I guarantee it WILL be sometime soon. This film shall highlight my acting talents and showcase my recreational skateboarding, laid back kind-of personality.

From the jump cut “vlog style” editing to my constant acrobatics throughout my video you will have your eyes glued to the screen following every movement I make. All creative aspects of my project have been conjured up in my brain, 100%, highly original content (with the exception of the music selections).

Join the movement by subscribing to this blog & to my YouTube Channel: ERBINSKATERZ , and say you were one of my original fans when I become world famous. This blog post I GUARANTEE will be a topic of discussion on one of my fan forums. (By the way, if you are reading this now and I am now world famous and you are looking deep with in this website to explore my past and see word for word what ideas flow through my head, YOU FOUND IT GOOD JOB! Also, if you are reading this and you post this on some fan forum, please DO NOT somehow turn your friendly, informative discussion into a combative string of messages threatening to do horrible things to each other. Resolve conflict in a peaceful manner and continue to progress in your everyday life.)

^How much you want to bet at some point, somebody will quote some part of this paragraph. Especially the last sentence.