New Video, Off Kilter..



Honestly, I consider my self as a respectable, intellectual human being but at times I feel as if I am treated like like a dimly lit light bulb just waiting to be thrown away by the questionable society we live in. This lady I swear calls me out every chance she gets and it has been going on frequently for the past few weeks and it is not even necessary because I actually have a high grade and I do all my work in the class. But out of the masses of people sitting at their desks, she seems to literally pluck me out of the bunch and makes an example of me in front of everybody! Even if it is something I have NO control of!

It all started one day when I’m doing my work and I was getting all the answers right on this computer assignment (which she can clearly see by the bright green box that lights up around my answer each time I got it right) as I was doing my work I just so happened to have scratch paper from math class with a few numbers and drawings of skateboards scribbled on it laying in front of me. I felt her staring into my soul for about 5 minutes and with in that time frame, I was still adding the finishing touches to my sketch but then went back to doing my work. Even though I saw her from the corner of my eye I just pretended like I was surprised to know she was looking at me. She then began to question what I was doing. So I said, “I’m doing work and this is art.” “No,” she criticised, “this is not art at all, it looks like trash.” WAT?! How dare you accuse me of not being an artist? An artist’s ability should not be limited to how realistic they can draw or sculpt something, but how original/stylistic their interpretation may be! (No I didn’t quote that I made that my self)

So then she goes off on how on I shouldn’t be in college and I should’ve dropped and got a G.E.D. instead because of my work ethic…
BRUH. I cannot even explain her ignorance….if I’m already in college then why would I….nevermind.

OH, and another thing she did was and actually the FIRST, FIRST was while I was doing work she stopped me just to critisize my hair. “You need to cut your hair wild man” she jeered. Like really. I’m in college and you really commenting on MY HAIR texture when literally EVERYOTHER GUY has this style


Oh but nobody will ever say anything about them. *shakin my head* To be honest, my hair could not look like that texture even if I tried to make it that woolly it just will not! I can’t even explain my texture, but I actually like it. (I’d show you guys a picture but that would be sus)

Back to school, anyways ’tis the season to be registering for classes so contributing to continue my education would be highly appreciated and you in return will be blessed graciously.


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