No me gusta, Off Kilter..


Just as I predicted, it was not as halloweeny as the previous years at all. 1. Nobody was dressed up. 2. I got no candy. 3. It was raining, and I was with like 40 other crazy kids I didn’t know walking around some rich snobby neighbourhood. I went my friend’s and his brother and their friends of friends of friends x 10. I didn’t really recongise anybody and the people I did I definitely didn’t like them at all. People I swear we’re doing the most Sus stuff and I only tagged along because I know the only way back to my house was to stay with my friends who were with them.

See, the reason why I’m disappointed that my trick or treating was a flop (well basically you can say I got the trick part) because honestly I was not expecting to be with 40 other kids aimlessly walking around, screaming, and acting crazy. It’d probably would’ve been fun if I knew them (or liked them).

It’s too much to type, I just felt like ranting. I’m going to upload my old 2007 video to YouTube now.

-Que$o G.

P.S. If this has grammar errors 1. I’m not sorry 2. I’m half asleep. 3. Like, Share & Subscribe to this blog!


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