Off Kilter..


Kids would dress up and go trick or treating days before the eve of hallows and their parents would decorate their houses with so much halloweeny festivity, but now it seems as if you barely see a jack o latern in front of somebody’s house.

IMG_6542.PNG (how all the house’s decorations look this year)

I don’t know if it’s just me that’s noticing this trend but, HAVE YOU NOTICED NOBODY (COMMERCIALS AND SOCIAL MEDIA INCLUDED) IS NOT TALKING ABOUT IT AT ALL THIS YEAR? And it’s really NOT because I grew up either, because when I was younger kids that were my age now we’re usually the main ones knockin on everybody’s door. Now, overhearing the conversations of little kids I haven’t heard a single one of them yet talk about getting costumes, candy or any of the Halloween specials that come on TV. Infact, I HAVENT SEEN ANY SPECIALS ON THE TV GUIDE THIS YEAR, WHAT IS HAPPENING? ARE WE LOOSING HYPE FOR LIFE BECAUSE WERE SO CAUGHT UP WITH OUR PHONES??? Like every year, I’ve noticed since like 2007 people have become less and less hyped but this year specifically has been the worst. I mean foreal, I remember when people for the whole week would come up to my house asking for candy but now nobody’s even really outside either!!! Go outside!!! Get exercise!!!

By the way, if you’re wondering if I go with my own advice, I do. See, this is me skateboarding OUTSIDE enjoying the weather!

Well, I’ll going trick or treating but I don’t know if I’ll dress up this year. (Or really if anyone will) but whatever, I’m tired of typing …

be safe, stay swagged…

-Que$o G.

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