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24 Hours Of FUN

I must be one of those few people at my school that goes to school even when I don’t have classes to do work to get ahead. It’s all good though, because after my full day at school and being at my job for a few hours on Thursday, mi amigos came n scooped me up from work and then we cruised down the road blastin the hippest music we can hop to. (See what I did there?)

We went to the movies on the other side of town to see a “scary” movie called Ouija board. Personally, I thought the movie should fall under the category of comedy! Movies these days I swear arent even startling enough to make me flinch an inch. Sure special effects are nice, but it’s getting to the point where everything is getting so advanced that everything is sorta predictable these days. (If that makes any sense)

Rather than me typing an unnecessarily long review on the movie you can just read what other people wrote instead Regardless of what the reviews say, I still think the movie was hilarious! For some reason now it kinda inspires me to make my own goofy horror film. I mean, I have a camera, I can act, direct and write a storyboard for it! I’ll get some of my friends to act in it as well. See, one problem is, I need a GOOD editing software to follow my dreams and your help would be greatly appreciated! (:

In the meanwhile I shall upload an old “new cartoon” of mine to YouTube to show you how much I’ve progressed since 2007…

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– Que$o G.



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