Positive Vibes


Work. School. School. Work. Sounds like a repetitious schedule, but there are definitely adventures in between. I am truly an advocate for public transportation and exercise. Lately, I have been doing a bit extra of both, which I heavily encourage more of you to do as well. Hearing this is probably useless to you at the moment because you might A. Already do it B. Do not want to do it because you have a car to get you to point A to B and you do your early morning aerobic routine on your Nintendo Wii. I am not saying you are wrong but you definitely need a breath fresh air once in awhile. Going from one unfiltered airspace to the next I can guarantee is NOT doing anything positive for your lungs. That’s when “walking” comes into play.

Lately, I have been into just exploring different areas I typically drive past. When you are walking, it is a totally different reality! You see random stuff such as:

The utmost respect for signs!


Very “light” congestion resulting from the “adequate” public transportation served throughout the metro area…


Highly useful outdoor upside down fans…


…And even “colourful”, thick jackets to prepare for the wrath of another brutal “winter storm” that will eventually come our way.

Without these “4 important tools”, who knows where our city would be today? Interesting things I see daily I try my best to put in words, but I keep most posts brief because I know your attention is probably about the length of a shrunken ant. Also, I do not want to give away too much detail so you can stay tuned for the rest my exciting life!

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P.S. If the wording of my post confuses you at any point, I’m NOT sorry because I shall continue to post anyway!

– Queso G.

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