Off Kilter..


It’s interesting how people don’t like to talk on the phone these days especially people of my age group. Like they will make up literally any excuse to not talk on the phone.
“Oh my pet tree died, I need to go attend the funeral service for my dead tree.” Then they expect you to be like play to along with it and act like it’s normal. Like what?

But a slightly more realistic example happened recently and it just bothers me. I ask somebody can I call you and
they reply with a blunt “why?” So I say, “Just talk to talk on the phone?” LIKE REALLY? Why else do people talk on the phone? Is it not normal for me to ask politely for us to interact on the phone because the texting is getting dry, old, with the stale/generic responses to everything I say with an “lol” (when I know you’re not really laughing) or “ok cool” tone? Nothing is cool here in my book…buddy. (I never say the word buddy in my writing like that hahahaha) But anyway, the conversation continued and I asked if I could call later that day. “O but I’ll already be on the phone with somebody else” that person claimed, “can you call me a little earlier?” They gave me a time and I went with it, only to find out that I received a text 30 minutes before I was to call them saying, “hey I forgot I had blah-blah today I’m soo sorry” when truthfully even though it’s the texting universe, I still could sense the underlying sarcasm in their verbiage. I, of course, nonchalantly go along with it, “okay cool” and after that last thing I said, the conversation came immediately to a halt.

After that I began pondering, “is giving out my contact info, is it really even worth it these days when people make up every silly excuse to not talk to you on the phone or meet up with you in person because they claim to always be “busy” even though according to their social media outlets, their frequent updates talk about how bored they are and they have nothing to do. IMG_4400.JPG

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-Que$o G.


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