¡Me gusta!


Bounced up north and across the great pond into magical village nestled in between a thicket of trees. A town settled by Germans that have kept their culture alive by celebrating their annual get-together called Oktoberfest.

Although it is not October quite yet, I must admit that little town seems to be a very “festive” locale all year long (since people have been hyping it up for the past few years now) and also at the visitor’s place they gave a year’s worth of activities to do in that area. Definitely impossible to hike up multiple mountains, do ziplining, river rafting, fishing, eat food and shop all in ONE visit (unless you move at light speed like Flash or something and I’m assuming you are not). Definitely worth going all the way up there to spend time with fellow real Germans and eat real German Schniztels, Chocolate, and drink BLUE Fanta (incredibly rare). Until I went up there this past Friday, it never dawned on me to think how many things we call “American” actually originate in that Frankfurter Country. It is actually pretty cool! Here are random pics I took of this cool place..



They are more waaayyyyy more pictures and through what I put up it’s extremely vague, but I figured I should just leave you guys wondering so you can experience what this wonderland named “Helen” is truly like yourselves. (Use context clues to figure out exactly where I am talking about and then comment below and send a link of the place.

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