¡Me gusta!


So yeah, pretty interesting weekend and just usual half work/half school Monday.

The highlight of my weekend though was when I helped someone film video for YouTube that I’ll upload to erbinskaterz and their channel as well. I did all the camera magic and directing and I’ll edit on something. (Very vague I know. Get used to me surprising you if you haven’t already hahahaha). The final product shall turn out fantastic! & when it’s up I’ll post the link on here like I usually do. Here’s the latest installment of the Erbinskaterz series I spent a lot of time making this, you have no idea.

And to fund these wonderful ideas, all donations are HIGHLY APPRECIATED and to be sent to here.

I already have a contributor to this project, you can help too!

*Read with British accent* Anywho, (eww I never say that word hahaha) off -I-go!


*you should recongise these shoes from something* ;D *wink wink*


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