No me gusta


Life has it’s ups and downs and at the moment I feel like I’m at some point between the crest and trough.
Yesterday specifically has been the least of favourites for a list of reasons. Let me start with one of my most prized possessions, my laptop. It hasn’t even been a month yet and I’ve already came across some unnecessary issues. I tried my very best to fix the problems without having to restore my computer to factory settings, but of course the exact opposite of what I would want to happen, happened. All programs I’ve downloaded have literally have been expunged from my hard drive. On a brighter note, all my files are still there. But what use would be to have them if I don’t have the program anymore?

I eventually accepted the reality of what has become of my laptop, and moved on. So later in the day, I go to the mall to go have my iPhone’s fast draining battery fixed but then they swiftly put an to mission of getting a free battery replacement to a screeching halt by uttering such horrendous words, “oh sorry, your iPhone doesn’t qualify for the free battery replacement.” WHAT?! So basically I trekked across town just to be hit in the face with my least favorite word “no”? On top of that, the environment I was in is so sus to me, I could barely put it in words. I’ll spare you the details of the stuff I saw and let you experience it yourself.

I eventually left the place and did a couple of other things. While I was in the car listening to music I just really seem to connect to I was dying to know the names of each song I listened to. So I whip out the ol’ soundhound and I thought I turned my phone off immediately after finding out the name but nooo. Of all apps to accidentally deleted one of America’s most trusted music search engines. At the peak of the moment, I didn’t even realize how bad my mistake actually was so I just went to the App Store and redownloaded it only to find out the data is unrecoverable…all of the wonderful music I discovered that was going to be used in my new videos now lost in the endless black void of cyberspace.

Thanks for reading! I only write to express my feelings and means a lot to me to know people actually read this.

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-Que$o G.


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