New Video

Get Ready..

I have decided to make a major decision in my life that ultimately determines the fate of the universe. Yesterday, I have embarked on quest for highly skilled professionals in my field. A task that requires intense concentration and that is quite rare to find others who match my caliber. For that being said, ’tis the reason why I am the anointed one to complete this mission………….

……that is… create a new SHORT FILM STARRING ME, AMERICA’S FAVORITE BOY! I’m not sure of the approximate release date, but I guarantee it WILL be sometime soon. This film shall highlight my acting talents and showcase my recreational skateboarding, laid back kind-of personality.

From the jump cut “vlog style” editing to my constant acrobatics throughout my video you will have your eyes glued to the screen following every movement I make. All creative aspects of my project have been conjured up in my brain, 100%, highly original content (with the exception of the music selections).

Join the movement by subscribing to this blog & to my YouTube Channel: ERBINSKATERZ , and say you were one of my original fans when I become world famous. This blog post I GUARANTEE will be a topic of discussion on one of my fan forums. (By the way, if you are reading this now and I am now world famous and you are looking deep with in this website to explore my past and see word for word what ideas flow through my head, YOU FOUND IT GOOD JOB! Also, if you are reading this and you post this on some fan forum, please DO NOT somehow turn your friendly, informative discussion into a combative string of messages threatening to do horrible things to each other. Resolve conflict in a peaceful manner and continue to progress in your everyday life.)

^How much you want to bet at some point, somebody will quote some part of this paragraph. Especially the last sentence.


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