Off Kilter..


Yes! First day of school for the youngin’s while we post graduate sit back and relax. Well, sort of relax. Life is moving in a positive direction and soon I’ll be posting more videos on YouTube with some of the spare time that I have..if I get a 100 likes on this cartoon I made called “Glazed Eyes” I’ll post a part 2 of it! So far the views have been climbing everyday which is really cool. I really put a lot of effort into it. I used windows paint and movie maker to animate/do voices which takes FOREVER (some of you other animators might know da struggle lol) It’s all good tho. Follow this blog by putting in your email where it says follow on the homepage and if you have a wordpress account as well, I’ll be sure to follow you back=) no sus tho

write comments below plz.
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