Terrible Customer Service

I legit received the worst customer service in this store in the history of my life. I kindly asked how to do something because I’m not familiar how to work this piece of equipment but I’m turned away by multiple so called “friendly” employees. I eventually came across this one person who seemed eager to help at first glance but after talking to this person for more than 10 seconds I realized I have encountered possibly of the most naricisstic beings in my life. Instead of answering my question, I was asked rather a multitude of questions that I obviously did not know the answer to. So it made it seem as this other person Was intellectually superior in this topic we were discussing just for their ego to get a slight boost. Things I’ve never seen or heard of were tossed into the discussion and I stood there nearly speechless but subtly nodding my head to the few things I understood. This person out of their idea of “generosity” then suggested something that might be “helpful” to me but then changing their mind saying that “most black people would not understand.” A blunt diss towards the black community. Keep in mind, this idiot is black too but with a slight, “mixed” look.

I cannot begin to fathom the amount ignorance that was exhausted out of this soulless being’s mouth. So I threw the question back in their direction, “Okay. What makes you think you know everything?” The person in response made a slight sinful smile and uttered such wretched words, “oh I know more than you cuz I’m older than you honey. How old are you?” I say my age then again this person finds another way to belittle me, “yeah, that obviously means you don’t about this because your too young.” Then I asked their age. I was given answered with a sarcastic tone, “I’m grown.” I was very tempted to say, “hmm, ya don’t say,” but I kept lips my sealed and replied with a simple “oh”. Still eluding my original question, this clown went on for about 5 minutes bragging about how they are related to famous people and they worked with them all the time.

I was partially tuned into their monotonous boasting but I zoned out after awhile. As I stood there, the gloater shamelessly invaded my personal space and continued with their endless story.

After awhile, the story made its transition into, “I offer classes on what your trying to learn.”

Honestly, if you are a person with any form of common sense why would you basically tell someone they are stupid then offer to take a class with YOU at the end. Are you daft?? If you trying to sell a product or service to someone you should be NICE to them and suggest to them way to perfect the skills I already have.

I refuse to ever take classes with someone who is so balantly rude and if this whole thing applies to you I hope you change your mindset on life.

Thanks for reading this!



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