Strange Day

Today was interesting. Good news, my documentary is going well & I’m getting more relevance or “popularity” for being on the morning news thing as a reporter on Wednesdays & also ppl talk about my comic book and stuff so yea. Bad news, I failed a test to a get certificate for certified graphic designer at school..but it’s whatever. If I were to be hired by a graphic design studio, I would have a nice portfolio of all the work I have done and I can also showcase my latest, most colorful creation I’m proud of (comic book obviously). Plus at this moment, my main focus is the documentary. So the certificate is just….a certificate….I ain’t even mad.

Maybe, I should make a commercial for YouTube about the documentary..it’ll be dope. Just STAY TUNED!

YouTube channel: erbinskaterz 

Subscribe to that channel & you shall see a star born! 



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