Life’s Chill

My weekend was an eventful, exhilarating adventure in a fast paced environment that “mi y mis amigos” captured some of the most exciting moments on film for my upcoming documentary. 

I shall deliver an unforgettable tale about events leading up to my success and it will knock your socks off on how a small team of goofball kids in their late teens made such a theatrical experience. 

Not trying to be cocky here but, most of the ideas that will be portrayed in this film are original, untouched ideas, cooked up in my mental oven. (I don’t know why I said that butI just wanted to sound cool) But for some of the concepts that might be seen and one of the key people to this production  would be “Ike” a.k.a. “Emerson Emerson”.  Thank you so much for being awesome and continue to do so. 

Stay Swagg’d

-Señor Que$o G.


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