Finally, senior project is over! I can now return living my life normal again. Hahahaha. Presenting in front of people isn’t as really as bad as most people say it is. But since I knew my “comic book creation” topic pretty well, I know for a fact I scored a decent grade. Once again, thank you so much if you helped me on this project in anyway shape and/or form I really appreciate it! 

In addition to that goods news, it turns out that me and 2 other students that had senior project this semester we were nominated by our teachers as having the overall best “senior project product”. I got interviewed by some kid to be in our school’s online newspaper (which I had no idea existed but that’s because it was apparently started a few weeks ago and this project was actually their first major story). 

It will be on the front page of my school’s website soon and I’ll be sure to post the link on my blog or take a screenshot of it and post the picture on here of the article. 

Another accomplishment I made was making my first news package that was aired on our morning announcements (we have video morning announcements everyday in homeroom). Ironically, it was about coming events around the school and the only story I could find was the one about senior project. I interviewed a few people, edited it on Adobe Premier, narrated the video, and then I was the field reporter too. 

All in all, this week has been pretty good and will only keep getting better…

Stay swagged,

Queso G. 


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