http://www.youtube.com/user/erbinskaterz/videos   <————– THATS MY AMAZING CHANNEL

^^^ Just like the title says, check it out! All new original videos will be hittin’ the big screen (small screen if you’re watching it on you’re iPhone or Android) of your home computer. Like, I’m filming a documentary about the area I live in and how the people interact and how they’re completely different and similar in someways to others. It will tie the storyline of my life and the comic book I made together in creative way that I’m sure none of you guys have ever even thought of. 

Also a new show sorta like Family Guy mixed with a talk show, Boondocks, Loiter Squad, and Bill Nye the science guy all mashed together into one epic show will be on YouTube sometime this year. 

If you’re reading this and you’d like to help me with my documentary and/or new show please leave a comment below. Also tell your friends to follow this blog too. We need to spread the word! 

Alright thanks,



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